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Click to Insure: Etiqa Philippines’ tech-driven approach transforms insurance accessibility 

Leveraging its strong foothold in Southeast Asia, Etiqa Philippines, the country’s leading advocate of Insurtech, is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience by simplifying the insurance journey for Filipinos. Etiqa Philippines has streamlined the traditional process by introducing innovative digital touch points that enable members to access insurance services such as policy inquiries, claims processing, and general assistance with a single click.  

Rico Bautista, Etiqa Philippines President and CEO, expressed, “In our six decades of providing insurance solutions, we have witnessed firsthand the power of technology in streamlining the insurance acquisition process for millions of Filipinos. We are dedicated to simplifying the insurance journey for all, aligning with our core mission to contribute to making the Philippines a better place.” 

As part of the few insurance companies in the country holding a composite license, Etiqa Philippines further simplifies the insurance process by presenting a consolidated range of life and non-life insurance products under a single brand. To address the various insurance needs of every Filipino, Etiqa Philippines provides a comprehensive range of insurance solutions that can easily be availed through the Etiqa website, Smile PH 3.0 App, HR and Provider Portals, and Doctor’s App.  

Etiqa Philippines’ upgraded Smile PH 3.0 App is a unified omnichannel app that makes the insurance process faster. Designed for both Group Medical and Retail Insurance clients, it provides convenient app-based access to basic plan and policy details, as well as facilitating seamless transactions such as requesting for Letter of Guarantee (LOG) and viewing policy details. This unified omnichannel app can be easily and quickly downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store.  

Serving as the web version of the Smile PH app, the Etiqa Member Portal is specifically designed for Group Medical plan members who prefer a web-based portal to a mobile application. It offers the same comprehensive features as the Smile App, with the only distinction being its web-based accessibility. 

Dedicated to enhancing the partnership experience, Etiqa Philippines introduces its Provider Portal, an exclusive web-based application for partner hospitals and clinics. This platform offers secure and convenient business interactions. It provides features such as requesting Letters of Guarantee, viewing and monitoring payments, and downloading Certificates of Withholding Tax (BIR 2307) 24/7. 

Currently in beta launch, Etiqa Philippines’ Doctor’s App serves as a specialized tool for over 15,000 partner doctors. This application enables them to seamlessly request Letters of Guarantee, file claims or billings, monitor payments, and obtain Certificates of Withholding Tax. 

Etiqa Philippines’ HR Portal, which is set to be launched soon, is a web-based platform designed for HR Heads and Admin personnel to help them manage employee benefits better. This portal enables HR partners to upload employee files and monitor the utilization of life or health benefits. 

The Etiqa Philippines website functions as an online shop, offering a convenient platform for purchasing a range of general and non-life products such as travel, dengue, pneumonia, and auto insurance, as well as individual medical products like MyLife+. For quick and convenient access to insurance services, Etiqa Philippines launched the Eriqa chatbot, an always-on virtual assistant available 24/7 through the company website. The virtual assistant is easy to use and can be accessed from any device with Internet connectivity.  

Recognizing the ever-changing needs of healthcare consumers, Etiqa Philippines offers teleconsultation services that allow clients to effortlessly seek medical advice remotely. Dra. Malu Castillo-Mamaril, Etiqa Philippines Medical Operations Division Vice President and Medical Director, emphasized, “Etiqa’s teleconsultation service is a game-changer in the healthcare industry. We provide individuals the freedom to access medical advice anytime and anywhere for a truly convenient and personalized healthcare experience.”  

Currently, Etiqa Philippines is in partnership with Doctor Anywhere, Konsulta MD, e-Konsulta, Home Health Care and other providers to offer this online service. Through Etiqa Philippines’ teleconsultation services, customers can engage with healthcare professionals, obtain medical guidance, and address their health concerns from the comfort of their homes or any location of their choice. This initiative reflects Etiqa Philippines’ commitment to utilizing technology to enhance the overall well-being and healthcare accessibility for its clientele.  

Etiqa Philippines prioritizes customer convenience by offering a wide range of payment methods to fit individual budgets and preferences. Whether customers favor digital transactions or traditional in-person payments, Etiqa Philippines aims to provide a hassle-free and smooth experience. 

These payment methods include credit and debit card payments, Philippine-issued ATM cards, E-wallets (GCash, GrabPay, Maya), online banking (BPI Online and Unionbank Online), Billease’s Buy Now, Pay Later program, and QR Ph for QR payments. 

Additionally, Etiqa Philippines’ integrated payment system for Travel Insurance will soon be expanded to Auto, eCTPL, and MyLife+ products soon.  

Etiqa Philippines’ commitment to offering accessible and customer-centric insurance solutions underscores its dedication to enhancing the well-being of Filipinos. Through a range of comprehensive and personalized options, the company caters to all segments of society, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of financial security. 

Bautista said, “Our comprehensive insurance options cater to all sectors of society, making protection and peace of mind available to everyone. This commitment is driven by our purpose to make the Philippines a better place, one where every Filipino can thrive with confidence in their financial security. Our mission goes beyond insurance; it’s about creating a more secure future for all in the Philippines.”