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Smart Sustains Lead with Fastest Download Speeds – Ookla Report

Smart Communications Inc. continues to demonstrate its dominance in the telecommunications industry by maintaining the top position in median download speeds during Q4 2023, as reported by Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence.

With a median download speed of 37.64 Mbps, Smart outpaces its competitors, including Globe and DITO, which recorded speeds of 26.44 Mbps and 19.74 Mbps, respectively.

This significant lead underscores the tangible benefits enjoyed by Smart subscribers. They can experience seamless online activities such as efficient browsing, swift file downloads, uninterrupted social media updates, hassle-free streaming of media content, and engaging in mobile gaming.

Smart’s exceptional network performance is underpinned by a robust infrastructure that integrates PLDT and Smart’s fixed and wireless networks. PLDT’s extensive fiber infrastructure, spanning over 1.1 million kilometers as of September 2023, contributes significantly to Smart’s nationwide coverage, reaching 97% of the population.

Smart’s consistent lead in download speeds reflects its commitment to providing top-tier telecommunications services, ensuring that subscribers across the country have access to fast, reliable, and seamless connectivity for their diverse digital needs.