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United Neon launches 1st Integrated 3D Billboard in the Philippines, Southeast Asia

Spectacular, larger-than-life platform takes advertising to new heights.

Pioneer out-of-home advertising leader United Neon chalked another major milestone with the launch of the 1st ever Integrated 3D Billboard in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. The launch was perfectly timed a year after they launched the country’s 1st naked eye 3D billboard, a few weeks before Christmas and a month before the company celebrates its 86 years in the business.

The integrated 3D billboard splashed on a 400- meter screen at 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City is a world-class visual spectacle that is immersive, disruptive and engaging all at the same time.

United Neon Chief Executive Officer Danny C. Lim said that the integrated 3D billboards serve as an effective platform for brands and organizations to reach their audience best.

“Consumers get tons of advertisements daily across multiple platforms. So, it is crucial for brands to use a new and innovative medium where they would stand out so that the public would take notice. And these integrated 3D billboards help them achieve that objective,” Lim said.

“Integrated 3D billboards capture and hold the attention of the audience and by doing so, they provide increased engagement for the brand which translates to higher brand recall and an increased probability of trying out the product being shown,” Lim adds.

Lim further explained that consumer behavior continues to evolve and how the audience connect with the brands through advertisements significantly differs now from the behavior 10 years ago.

Lim said that United Neon continuously look for ways on how to achieve optimum connection and engagement between brands and their audience and a testament to this is the integrated 3D billboard which is similar to the highly engaging platforms that draw massive crowds in Tokyo, New York and other cosmopolitan cities.

“United Neon, is thus, proud of bringing this creative technology here in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. It is our vision to put the Philippines in the global map for creative excellence in the marketing and advertising space,” he adds.

United Neon Deputy COO Benjamin Lim and United Neon CEO Danny C. Lim at the launch of the first integrated 3D billboard in BGC (photo on the right) which is the first in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

Lim adds that while the integrated 3d billboards are seen in BGC, which is a melting pot of different socio-economic classes, cultures and is a center for innovation and business in the Philippines, they are also exploring other areas in the Philippines where these larger-than-life 3D billboards could be installed.

“More than the actual location which ideally should be a place with high foot and vehicular traffic, a major consideration for United Neon would be brand partners who believe in the power that these 3d billboards bring in terms of connection and even conversion, whether it be heightened brand awareness or actual sales,” Lim said.

From the time that United Neon launched the 1st naked eye 3D billboard last year, brands have shown great appreciation for this new medium where they could share their brand story in a better, more engaging way.

“3D billboards give the brands the opportunity to tell their stories in a much more interesting and interactive way. It takes the viewers on a visual journey which then enhances the connection between the brand and its audience and making the 3D billboard brand ad more memorable and impactful,” Lim said.

Lim adds: When brands invest in 3D billboards, they make the statement that they are innovative, unique and forward-thinking. And because the 3d billboards are a visual spectacle, it boosts brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on their audience.