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Cisco & NVIDIA collab brings video meetings on a cinematic level

Software companies Cisco and NVIDIA unveiled their latest AI-powered technology, the Room Kit EQX, that levels up video conferencing experience for hybrid workspace participants. 

“In order for people to want to come to the office, companies must fundamentally reimagine and reconfigure workspaces to provide seamless and immersive collaboration experience,” said Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Security and Collaboration.

“Our collaboration with NVIDIA helps make this possible as we expand our portfolio of AI-powered solutions that unlock the potential of hybrid workers.”

The Room Kit is the tandem’s integrated solution that allows its customers to experience cinematic and ‘campfire-like’ video meetings.

It is an integrated device that offers versatile mounting options for simplified deployment and maintenance, ensuring a clutter-free workspace.

This device leverages on NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier computer platform that allows it have a “power advanced camera” and audio and speech intelligence.

Members of the team may join from any meeting platform—Zoom, GoogleMeet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex—to lessen switching from one software to another during meetings.

Currently, there are three kits, namely, the Room Kit EQ, Room Kit EQX, and the Room Kit Pro—all powered by NVIDIA’s AI chipset and Cisco RoomOS.

Cisco’s cinematic meeting capabilities are based on its commitment to bringing the “Distance Zero” concept to its customers, wherein all meeting attendees feel as if they are in the same room—distance reduced.

The partnership of Cisco and NVIDIA began in 2015, eight years ahead of the boom of AI. Since then, the two have worked together to create “industry-leading” devices to address challenges in workplace collaboration.