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Five new AI tools you might want to check out today

From healthcare, customer service, marketing, and cybersecurity, AI-powered tools have been used for better and smoother operations in an organization.

If you are looking for something to ease your workload at the office or for something to boost your creative juices today, then here are five artificial intelligence (AI) tools you can try out. 


Generate avatars or transform yourself into a movie character by using this face-swapping AI tool made by Akool. It is very easy to use as users only need to upload their material and their photo to generate a high-quality image.

Applications like this are similar to Epik’s retro yearbook photos and the Face App. It works on an AI technique called neural style transfer wherein a content image and a style reference image are needed to produce a new image.

Akool’s Faceswap might just be the one you need to make that studio photo you have been trying to achieve.

But there are risks in uploading your photos to applications like these. As soon as you upload your data, they will now have the authority to share it with their third-party service providers. Make sure to stop by their privacy policy page and read the terms.

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Cal AI

Are you jumping from one meeting to another? Cal AI has just made the job of keeping track of them all easier. This tool connects all your calendars and video conferencing applications for easier booking.

During the sign up, it will ask your time availability in a week and aligns it with the meetings you will have. If you’ve forgotten your appointments for the week, you can tell it to cancel and reschedule meetings to take some time for yourself. This AI scheduling tool will even be the one to talk to suggest alternatives for your bookers. 

Softr AI

If you want to build applications and websites with a single prompt, then Softr AI is your pal. Drag and drop your way to creating your own app. This tool is built to make your business applications easier and is made for developers and marketers alike.

It has a pre-built and functional blocks like lists, charts, calendars, tables, and more so you won’t have to start from scratch.

You can sync your data with Google Sheets and Airtable. This tool also allows you to integrate your workflow tools like Google Analytics, Stripe, and Zapier.


Review and draft your legal documents to the utmost precision with LegalNow. It’s an AI tool that will stand by you like a personal legal assistant. It has templates for your specific contract document needs and it will ,step by step, guide you as you draft or review.

It also has ambiguity checks on wordings with a single click. LegalNow claims that this feature will help prevent “90% of contract disputes that arise from unclear clauses.”

But before you use this tool, make sure to check its privacy policy as it has the ability to automatically collect your uploaded personal information. It also has the authority to share your personal information to its service providers, affiliates, marketing partners, and public and government authorities if needed.

LastMile AI 

LastMile AI enables software developers to integrate generative AI in their applications, and you can try it for free. It will make creation easier as it gives the user access to all GenAI models in one place. You can now focus on creation and less on switching from one API to another.

This tool is definitely built for teams as it allows the user to collaborate with one’s team. It can create organizations to manage workbooks and share one’s workbook to other organizations related to your team. Finally, it gives space for learning as it gives the chance to review and comment on workbooks within the team.

Many organizations have embraced AI as a part of their operations. If your goal is to save time and enhance work productivity, one of these AI tools might be perfect for your team.