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Shooting with the Insta360 Flow opens up a whole new world of angles

Here’s how to maximize shooting like a pro with just a gimbal.

By Jo Serrano

If you are someone looking into doing content creation for social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, or Youtube, this mobile phone gimbal from Insta360 might be a tool that can help step up your content creation game.

The Insta360 Flowis an AI tracking smartphone stabilizer. That means you can use your current smartphone to shoot video with this gadget that looks like an overcompensated selfie stick.

Perhaps the best highlight of the Flow is that it keeps subjects always in frame with amazing tracking accuracy: Zoom Tracking keeps the video stable no matter how far in you zoom, Slow Motion tracking keeps slow-mo shots stable at high frame rates, while  Person Re-Identification lets Flow remember the face of the person you are tracking and will keep compensating to get the subject back in frame even when blocked by another object.

At only 391 grams, the Insta360 Flow can fit in your pocket, and this is one of the reasons why it is a preferred accessory by a lot of vloggers who cover events or travel – it’s literally plug (your phone) and play as it auto unfolds when you attach your smartphone. You don’t even need to power it on.

Another reason why the Flow is every vlogger’s multitool is because it is many devices in one: it has a built-in tripod for solo vlogging. It extends into a selfie stick for your more touristy shots. It even comes with a built-in cold shoe in case you need to attach an external microphone for better audio recording! What more could a content creator want?

All these features are top notch, but for travel vloggers, the Flow also doubles as power bank with 2900mAh of juice! This roughly translates to about 12 hours of use.

Whether you are a video enthusiast, social media creator, or an athlete looking to document your life, the Flow is a powerful all in one content-creating tool to keep shooting all day long.

The Insta360 Flow is a great companion to your smartphone. It retails for only Php 8,499 or Php 11,400 for the Creator Kit at Altitude Digital.