Matthew Arcilla

About the author

Matthew was abandoned in Virra Mall in the early 90s and subsisted on a diet of sugar cane juice, Magoo’s Pizza and DOS games. After successful rehabilitation at the turn of the century, he managed to become a veteran editor of various online and print publications. His coverage of videogames has appeared in GMA Network News, 8List, Too Much Gaming and Sirus Gaming.  

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What happens to all your videogames when you die?

Not the kind of pamana your children were hoping for, we think.

Filipino gamers rejoice, for Call of Duty arrives cheaper if you’re subscribed to Game Pass

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 will get its worldwide reveal on June 9, following the Xbox Games Showcase

Stellar Blade looks good and plays terrific, but that’s all it has going for it

There’s more to a character action than just Smokin’ Sexy Style

Helldivers 2 controversy is the dumbest lesson Sony learned, just ask Microsoft

Console publishers might be used to getting their way, but PC players will have none of it.

Fallout is the big swing and a hit that signals a future for videogame adaptations

Hollywood. Hollywood never changes. Studios conceived of cinematic universes to feed its lust for expanding...

The popular videogame series Fallout is now a TV show but should you play it?

On April 11, streaming giant and megalithic online retail behemoth Prime Video will drop all eight episodes of Fallout, a TV series set in a comically dark world.

Helldivers 2 is a laugh-inducing squad shooter featuring layers, guns and many hijinks

In an age of live service games and online battle passes, Helldivers 2 drops into 2024 with some much desired ammunition for the argument against the grind and complexity that publishers keep trying to push onto players.

The game demos you can’t miss in this week’s Steam Next Fest

From exhilarating experiences with compelling hooks to more quirky experiments in narratives and themes, Steam Next Fest is where to gorge yourself for style, substance and innovation. Here are a few demos to check out.