Jaime Zulueta

About the author

Jaime has been a banker and fintech professional for 10 years. He uses his professional experience to write for the financial and technology industries

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Pinoy developer team wins prize in International Blockchain Competition

Unlike many startups, two of the three co-founders were married fathers. We were juggling between DAOCre-8,  full-time jobs, side hustles, and fatherhood. 

The new content creators: hosting events on X and Discord

Over the past years, I have joined the ranks as a freelance writer and host, and have kept up to date on industry trends. It never ceases to amaze me how new opportunities continue to present themselves and how more adventurous Filipinos can take advantage.

I used a selfie with a filter for my CV. Can I still land the job?

Generation Z loves short videos. Millennials grew up by expanding their online social connections. Meanwhile, baby boomers are still hanging on their pagers. I kid.