Wyndsor "ExcelSor PH" Martillana

About the author

Wyndsor Martillana is a gamer, voice actor, caster, streamer, content creator, community builder, tournament organizer, and digital web3 marketer who sidelines as a physician.

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ASUS ROG Phone 8 Pro Review: The New Era of Lifestyle Gaming Phones

The Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro is the first iteration of the Lifestyle Gaming phone brand of Asus Republic of Gamers.

Sony brings the new era of entertainment and technology at the Next-Gen XP

Sony Philippines brings a new era of entertainment and technology as it features top-of-the-line products and gadgets in its interactive event, the Next-Gen XP, at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

First look at the realme 12+ 5G

First look at the realme12+ 5G

Pinoy Tekken 8 Pros Get Invited for a Brawl in Australia

This 2024, it's looking great for our Tekken 8 pro players as we already have 3 invited players to participate in an invitational tournament in Australia! Alexandre "AK" Laverez, Juliano "Jules" Lozano and Andreij "Doujin" Albar will be the official Philippine players who will be brawling with other invited players in the PHL vs. AUS Tekken 8 Team Battle.

Building an amazing grassroots gaming community in a SNAP

This is Marvel SNAP, a game developed by Second Dinner, which won Mobile Game of the Year at the Game Awards for 2022. It’s a collectible card game which highly utilises the Marvel IP to perfection!