Caroline Dy

About the author

Caroline Dy is a freelance artist and full-time cat mom. She has too many hobbies including drawing, writing, and playing.

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“Technically, all phones are foldable.”

"Technically, all phones are foldable, at least once." Be it a yearning for nostalgia or just...

V Rising: A Bloody Good Time Suck

V Rising is definitely worth playing, especially for fans of Valheim that can’t quite get past its somewhat dated art style.

Okey-dokey! Let’s Play Fallout 76!

Fallout 76 is out on almost everything except for the Switch.  

Fully Stoked for Fully Yoked – A peek at Grounded’s newest update

Grounded is one of the best and most polished survival games I’ve tried. It has a pretty painless multiplayer system thanks to saved games being hosted on Xbox servers so that anyone can log into a shared world if they have access.